Is this tour child- and family friendly?

Yes. Very much so! The Faces of ther Namib Tour is definitely not designed only for testosterone-driven adrenaline junkies! If you enjoy five days of pure dune driving (with as many risks as possible) the Faces tour is not for you. The focus of the Faces of the Namib tour is to offer a truly unique experience to clients- a one of a kind desert adventure safari. Our emphasis is inclusivity-that means a family-friendly atmosphere to suit adults and children alike, all activities taking place in the world’s oldest desert.

Our tour is geared towards combining the thrill of dune driving with an exploration of the Namib Desert’s uniquely adapted ecosystem, as well as re-visiting sites of historic and cultural interest and spectacular scenic beauty. As a family bonding experience, this tour is an absolute MUST. Your children will spend five days playing in and exploring the world’s largest sandpit. Many kids have described the tour as their best holiday ever!